The Indica-dominant hybrid of two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream that was crossed with industrial hemp. Each strain in this potent cross has its own claim to fame, but when combined their unique attributes coalesce to form a strain greater than the sum of its parts. The blueberry flavor and mental haze of Blue Dream contributes to the stilted cerebral feeling, which is then anchored through the Kush-heavy effects of Girl Scout Cookies, amounting to a strain that shrugs off stress and mutes mild physical discomfort. 

Primary Terpenes:  Myrcene, cis-Nerolidol, b-Caryophyllene

Primary Aromas: Cinnamon, Orange, Flower, Chamomile, Hops

Smell Profile: The smell takes on a spicier earthier tinge with a sweet pungent berry effect that's released as the nugs are broken apart.

Taste Profile:  The Blueberry Pie flavor is exactly what the name suggests – sweet berries and earth with a touch of vanilla and nuttiness.

Preferred Time of Use: Night

Phenotype : Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Total Cannabinoids Analyzed - 23.13%

Total CBD - 18.46%

THC (Delta 9) - 0.23%

Blueberry Pie

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