A cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay that gets its name from its acai berry aroma and taste. Berry Blossom comes in at an impressive 17.95% CBDA.

Sweet in taste and smell, Berry Blossom comes in at an impressive 17.95% CBDA and is one of the stronger options we have at Dr.Ganja. Berry’s huge cannabinoid and terpene profiles could potentially make it an ideal choice for those looking for more of a therapeutic benefit, as terpenes like myrcene have been shown to reduce inflammation Berry Blossom is very strong. An initial, powerful headrush settles within minutes into a mellowed-out euphoria and the effects that started in the head, remain in the head. This is not the flower for beginners as Berry Blossom produces significant effects.Top 3 Terpenesβ-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-HumuleneD9-THC ND

Cherry Blossom