The Grand Daddy Purple Delta 8 flower is a heavy indica strain that produces intense effects. With a Myrcene-forward terpene profile and a high dose of active cannabinoids, Grand Daddy Purp creeps up slowly and hits hard. A true nighttime strain, it’s the perfect way to to relieve pain, treat insomnia, or spend a relaxing evening at home.

Smoking this semi-sticky Delta 8 hemp flower leaves a grape- or berry-like taste in the mouth and releases a sweetly scented aroma. The flower itself grows in thick, purple buds dotted with orange hairs and a liberal dusting of white resin.

While the flower itself is beauty worthy of Instagram, what truly sets Grand Daddy Purp (or sometimes called GDP) apart is its potency. Many users report a relaxation so total, it’s hard to leave the couch. GDP’s powerful pain-relieving properties can sooth the roughest afflictions, and the high CBD content melts away stress. But it also produces euphoric feelings and a calm happiness that radiates throughout the body and mind.


CBD: 27%

Delta 8: 58%

Delta 8 Granddaddy Purp