Kush Mints is a Delta 8 THC flower is a hybrid hemp strain that delivers all the relaxing benefits of an indica with the uplifting power of a sativa.


A product of crossing Bubba Kush and Animal Mints, the Kush Mints strain has a sweet, minty taste and creates powerful euphoric feelings in users while also stimulating appetite.


Grown organically in light-assisted greenhouses, cured over 12-14 days then hand-trimmed, this Delta 8 flower emits a sweet woodsy aroma of pine and graham crackers with an undercurrent of fresh mint leaves.

Its effects are well balanced between mind and body, often starting with a relaxing body high that creeps into the mind.

It’s the perfect strain to enjoy before sitting down to paint, draw, or sculpt, or on a nature walk with friends. The relaxing high is mellow and enjoyable and can be used any time day or night without adverse effects.

The buds themselves are a pale green color riven with bright orange hairs and coated in white trichomes. Each Delta 8 nug has a fluffy, tapered shape and is slightly sticky to the touch. The strain boasts a robust terpene profile with an abundance of Limonene that adds a slightly fruity flavor and bolsters the relaxing and uplifting effects.

Because it unlocks creativity, it’s a favorite of musicians and artists, but is equally fun when passed around a group of friends.

Delta 8 Kush Mints