The greenhouse-grown Ruby Kush is visually stunning and provides a unique Cherry taste. This limited release has medium to light green buds that are covered in sticky trichomes. The immediate smell is primarily sweet with woodsy undertones. Once the buds are squeezed, the sweet aroma really explodes. There is a slight spice to the finish. The smell provides an accurate introduction to the taste profile. The dry hit is that of intense cherry followed by a hint of hibiscus. Once lit, the smoke is medium to heavy. The flavor sits heavy on the palate then provides an oaky finish on the throat. Effects are strong! One joint and you’ll notice the intense cerebral effects combined with a warm body relaxation. There are notable levels of CBGa, CBCa, and CBC in addition to the CBDa and CBD. Please refer to the lab report (below) for further information.

Delta 8 Ruby Kush