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This indica-dominant hemp flower is the product of Grape Ape cannabis crossed with an undisclosed hemp strain. The result: a potent smelling, federally legal hemp flower that is sure to please.

The Grape Ape has a green grape-like scent that is easily noticed upon opening the container. It’s a sour-sweet aroma that explodes with gassy undertones when pinched. The medium green buds are covered in dark orange hairs and glistening in trichomes. The flowers are resinous, making for a frosty appearance and sticky fingers after breaking down the buds. The taste is nearly identical to the smell leaving a mouthwatering flavor on the tongue. Expect a medium throat grab before a pleasant semi-sweet exhale. Effects are great for unwinding at the end of the day, Calming & Euphoric.


Primary Terpenes: Terpinolene, β-Myrcene, Trans-Caryophyllene

Primary Aromas: Gasoline, Sour Grapes, Citrus

\Preferred Time of Use: Evening

Phenotype: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Total Cannabinoids Analyzed – 18.837%

Total CBD – 15.641%

Delta 9 - .245%

Delta 8 Grape Ape

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