This tropical sweet sativa offers CBD hemp effects that can both relax and motivate while addressing daytime pain. These yellow-green CBD nugs, peppered with rust-colored coils, feel as irresistible as a piece of ripe fruit between your fingers. The buds are even shaped and scalloped like little pineapples. Pineapple Haze CBD dry herb will blow a sweet and tropical breeze into your life, with bonus side notes of earth and funk. And the flavor reinforces the name. The inhale is smooth and will reward your tongue with a burst of pineapple. Just as smoothly, the exhale leaves you with a tart candy taste and finishes with a floral flourish.  

A genetic twist of strains Pineapple and Haze. Long sought after and stable genetics make this tropical strain one of the most sought after for sativa fans. Haze brings with it a strong cerebral energy mixed with the tropical scent of Pineapple, this strain is sure to bring energy and creative sparks that can be utilized day or night.




CBD: 19.06%


DELTA 9: .15%


PRIMARY TERPENES: A Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene

Pineapple Haze