Pineberry hemp flower is an Indica that comes from a purple strain lineage that has quite a berry and piney taste to it. Thus, the name Pineberry came into fruition.The Pineberry hemp strain is a great cross between its parents, Ringo’s Gift and Early Resin Berry. It contains high resin content and diverse terpene profiles which are characteristics it gets from its parents.

Being of the Indica variety, Pineberry flower may produce relaxation and calming effects in the body. Each hemp flower strain has some unique effects and feelings. It is for this reason that it is usually recommended to use different strains at a certain time or under a certain circumstance.Usually, when it comes to Pineberry, users are recommended to use it during the nighttime or even in the evenings. The feeling of Pineberry CBD flower can be quite relaxing to both the mind and body as seen with other CBD flowers. So, you would imagine that this strain is a perfect fit for a long and hard day after work.The relaxed state that Pineberry may induce may help to make sleep easier for some people. That is also another reason why this strain is mostly recommended for the evening or at nighttime.

The average cannabinoids of Pineberry hemp flower come in at 15.1% and the top terpenes are Mycrene, Pinene and Farnesene.

D9-THC .057%


Gram Size

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