The Skywalker CBD Hemp Flower strain hails from a famous cannabis lineage combining the indica marijuana strains Skywalker and OG. But how does a famous marijuana strain become hemp flower that will not get you high? That secret is well kept among breeders. Skywalker hemp flower shares the terpene profile similar to its marijuana ancestors Skywalker and OG. Its cannabinoid profile is different though, with CBD being the dominant cannabinoid (21.7%) and delta-9-THC less than 0.3%. This CBD hemp flower is very potent in CBD.There’s a reason why the Skywalker OG strain is called that way. On the first toke, this strain starts off with a creeping sense of calm.

The effects begin as a gentle wave of calmness that resonates through your mind to clear away cognitive clutter and blank out your brain. Then, the impact goes into full swing, relieving your mind of emotional stress to make you feel lighter, brighter, and more carefree. In the full swell of its effects, Skywalker OG can definitely make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. This relatively fast-acting and long-lasting cultivar impacts the mind for the most part, and ensures crystal clear consciousness that’s neither drowsy nor intoxicating. With the right doses, Skywalker OG can even help improve your concentration, allowing better productivity for heavy mental-work that calls for a one-track mind.


Indica Dominate


Terpenes- Myrcene, Humulene, Limonene, Bisabolol, Carophyllene


Gram Size

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