Suzy’s Gift is an Indica dominant strain loaded with terps. It has a light piney taste with a mellow, relaxing effect. Suzy’s Gift offers a calming, clear headed experience. Perfect pair for those with anxiety, ADHD or PTSD.

Characterized by moderately dense, olive-green buds bristling with dark amber-hued hairs, Suzy Q is for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a clear-headed, uplifting effect. Woodsy notes and a hint of spice characterize the rich flavor of this strain. Suzy Q is known for its sweet, earthy aroma and piney, spicy terpene profile.

The evenly balanced hybrid is 50 percent sativa (a more stimulating strain) and 50 percent indica (a more relaxing one), resulting in an effect that is the best of both worlds. Its relatively high CBD concentration makes it the ideal choice for persons seeking a soothing experience. It is considered to be one of the most calming strains on the market.

Suzy Q is high in CBD with only a trace amount of THC, well below the legal limit for hemp. This ratio means that you can expect a gently uplifting experience.

  • PRIMARY TERPENES: alpha-Pinene Limonene

Suzy's Gift